New Tahlequah Food

I’m no restaurant critic, but I am a fan of these two things: (1) supporting small businesses in small towns and (2) healthy food options in the heart of the Cherokee Nation. Tonight we grabbed dinner at Rafa’s Burrito Co. in downtown Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation. It’s only their second day of operation, so they have […]

Picking Up Broken Glass + Broken Hearts

This week, I audibly sighed. At so many things. Near the top of that list? A few of the questions posed to the Hon. Deb Haaland, a Laguna Pueblo woman nominated to serve as the next Secretary of Interior. Not just the Indian Affairs part of Interior, the whole Department of Interior. I processed some […]

Worth The Money: Two

“Worth the Money: One,” focused on getting a single really good knife and then storing that knife in a handy visible place. When cutting things is pleasurable and simple, you’ll do it more and eat better. Today, the focus is on the importance of getting a GREAT blender – the single most expensive small appliance […]

Cereal, Seeds and Puberty

We are midway through another “normal” school week of family life, online classes, and writing, topped off with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of tribal politics, depending on your tolerance level. Today was one of those days where we just had cereal for dinner. It was all we could do. It was a fancy paring […]

100 Years Old

Today, my Grandpa Leeds would have been 100. Both of my grandfathers were outstanding. Good husbands, big sacrificers, they teased big, and they loved all the babies. This grandpa was a farmer and rancher. Cows, corn, soybeans, watermelon, cantaloupes, pecans – you name it, he produced it. He did so commercially, but also the big […]

Let’s Get Personal: Heart Health + Indigenous Women

Today is National Wear Red Day – to raise awareness about heart disease in the United States. But let’s get up close and personal: “Heart disease, the leading cause of death for all American women, takes a disproportionately heavy toll on Native American women. American Indian and Alaska Native women die from it at a […]

Hard Lessons to Learn + Red Rice

  Today started off downright splendid. A gorgeous Oklahoma sunrise followed by one of the most productive mornings of writing (on tribal taxation) imaginable. Cranking away at a pace that would make most Indian Law nerds blush, I was also multi-tasking by thinking ahead to dinner. In the late morning, I invited my parents up […]

Elimination Diets + My Stupid Friday Night

  I’ve been thinking a lot about elimination diets lately, in part because a family member is currently giving that a try. Elimination diets aren’t about losing weight or going on a “diet.” It’s the process of totally not consuming a distinct type of food that might be making you sick. Then you slowly reintroducing […]

Beans, Rice + Blue Zones

  A few years ago, we had the good fortune to travel to Costa Rica on a family trip and that’s when I first began to learn about Blue Zones – a few places around the globe where people live a really long time. In Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula is such a place – […]


One of the stranger “discoveries” in my last year has been juicing. That’s right, the process of extracting juice from fruits, vegetables and tubers and then eating that exclusivley for a few days. My friend Corey turned me on to this and she can elaborate on her amazing story later, but I’ve settled on making […]