Hiding Stuff in Food: For Adults

Many of us moms have tried to sneak something healthy into our kid’s food. Sneak the “yucky” or less glamorous into their favorite foods. This mom venture is met with varying degrees of success. I failed pretty miserably at this scheme once my son reached age 6 or 7.  But what about pumping more good […]

The Final Frontier

I did the unthinkable. I removed the coffee pot from the kitchen counter and put it away in THAT cabinet. The place of kitchen exile that rarely sees the light of day. The home of the instapot and the waffle iron. No man’s land. Why would an otherwise sane person who goes at 100 mph […]

Winter One Pot Wonder

Spitting snow flakes this evening and I wanted comfort food but craving something spicy. I love Cajun food but can’t eat hardly any of it because it house flour in it. If you are trying to avoid gluten/wheat, you’ll soon realize that most soups that you eat at a restaurant use flour to thicken, and […]

A Very Grand (Canyon) Experience

Back in August, I shared a training journey embarked upon by a few students, staff and faculty from the Indian Legal Program at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University. The goal? Hike the Grand Canyon, rim to rim, in one day. October 1, 2022. Spoiler alert: we did it! Everyone made […]

Pedal to the Metal

I had my first automobile accident at six. As the driver. That’s right – 6 years old. A beater pickup on my grandpa’s farm near Ft. Gibson, Cherokee Nation. I sat on a small metal toolbox on the edge of the seat. This enabled me to see over the steering wheel and gave me the […]

Independence Day: Me and America on Ice

  About 6 weeks ago, I had a tangle with a small step ladder. It won. From roughly Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, I had to stay off my dominant foot. For the bulk of that time, I wore a hardly-sexy and totally-stifling aircast boot. Then last week, when my foot was almost […]

Half-Time Locker Room Talk

It’s Day 15 of the challenge that I posted about here, so I’m sharing my observations. The deal was to run/walk just 1 mile a day, everyday, for 30 days. When I played basketball, half time was always interesting. There was no way of accurately predicting whether good coach, mean coach, cheerleader coach or crazy […]

Experiment: 30 days, 1 mile a day

I am a slow runner. I have a love-hate relationship with running. Over the last 25 years, I have clocked 2 full marathons (really slow) and countless half marathons (still slow) and many 5Ks and 10ks (not as slow) – but I don’t really love it. I do know it’s really good for me and […]

On Becoming “That” Ol’ Lady

It’s been over a year since this blog was first launched. My wellness routine had it’s fits and starts, just like my writing spirts. Always cyclical, and sometimes for good reason. Cholestrol + blood pressure hit an all-time low around last April and then it crept up a little, but it’s still out of the […]

Lazy Dinners

For the “don’t feel like cooking” evenings, I keep several cheater options in the pantry. Need something cheesy in taste and texture but need it to be dairy free and gluten free? This is the combo. Believe it or not, crushed cashews taste like cheesy goodness. Zero cholestrol. Only 5g of carbs in the sauce. […]