Crunch It Up + Full Dinner Ideas

One of my challenges of being 99% plant-based is texture. I really like crunchy things. I’ve previously written about my questionable relationship with tofu and how to repurpose grandma’s skillet in the prep of it. Despite many narratives online about baked tofu turning out to be a crispy treat, it never worked for me, until […]

Comfort Food + Garden Clips

Last night, I shared about cravings for foods that are delicious, but can no longer be an everyday affair for me. Enter, tonight’s “cheese burger.” Is it the change of seasons that makes me want to eat the comfort stuff? Enter an all-time favorite country song from my youth that speaks about how “the nights […]

Mmmmm Eggs-ish

Recently I’ve been craving foods that I (mostly) gave up over a year ago: meat, eggs, cheese. I love all three, but I can’t regularly eat those things without negative health consequences. So, it’s time to introduce some new foods, diversify the plate a bit and see what’s out there that I might incorporate moving […]

8 Week Panic? No Problem.

You committed to a fall half-marathon back in the spring. And then you look at the calendar and say “what!? – where did the summer go?” The race is 8 weeks away now. Don’t worry, you got this. The Eastern Cherokee Harvest Half (and 5k) is September 18th in Cherokee, North Carolina. We’ve got a […]

Sweet Sweet Corn

  Ever been in a predominately white bar when the song “Sweet Caroline” comes on? It’s a societal phenomenon to be sure. The enthusiasm is infectious. I’m nearly that excited about my dinner tonight. Grilled sweet sweet corn. Sooooo delicious. Here’s the trick: Use fresh corn on the cob, husk still on. Soak in water […]

Auntie Ballers and How Natives “Discovered” Basketball

Basketball holds a special place in Indian country. In fact, Natives “discovered” basketball and now claim it as their own. True. It’s ours. If you are skeptical of this “discovery” assertion, you should have been in Norman, Oklahoma this weekend for the Annual “Oklahoma’s Best” All Indian State Tournament. Or check out any state championship […]

Grilled Sweet Potato

It’s time to fire up the grill, but that doesn’t have to mean ribeyes, hamburgers and hotdogs only. Consider trying a Sweet Potato “Steak” for a healthy change. I leave the skins on and cut the sweet potato long ways, about an inch or so thick. Very simple. Prior to the grill, sprinkle with Cajun […]

A Day in the Life of Food

Hat tip to my friend Susannah for begging the question what a typical day of plant-based eating looks like and how to get enough calories/energy and also feel satiated. So 99% plant-based, yes, but also 100% gluten free (which put an abrupt end to my migraines, as you can read about here). First, I don’t […]

Let’s Talk Shoes

  Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. That means it’s time to plant the garden, renew and refresh, religious and cultural ceremonies and . . . it’s time to get serious about training for some runs, walks, cycling, whatever. Get outside and let the sun shine on your body. It might also be time […]

Papaya and Posole

  It’s always a challenge to come up with new things to eat, and new ways to prepare foods. One way I try to mix things up is to pair something that I am not accustomed to eating, with an old standby from childhood. Tonight, that was Papaya and Posole – but it separate dishes. […]